Maybe We’ll Make It

Maybe we’ll make it—Pacific Crest Trail version

**(With thanks to Judith Viorst, Poet extrodinaire, for the original version of “Maybe we’ll make it”.)

Having 13 hours in the car today as we drove west from New Hampshire toward California, my idle mind turned to a loved and remembered poem from many years ago–the original “Maybe We’ll Make It.” The original had nothing to do with the PCT/hiking, and everything to do with life as part of a couple. With apologies and thanks to Judith Viorst, here is the hiking adaptation of the original:

If I stop hoping he’ll drive more conservatively,
and he stops hoping I’ll sit quietly at his side,
And I quit screaming “you’re too close to that truck!”
And he quits screaming “it’s under control!”
And we avoid discussions like “Is he really smarter than I am, or simply more experienced with all his electronic toys,”
Maybe we’ll make it.

If I quit looking to prove he is stubborn,
And he quits looking to prove I’m eating too many sweets,
And I quit buying more dehydrated food and protein bars,
And he quits telling me we have enough already,
Maybe we’ll make it

If he quits hiking too fast on the uphills
And I quit taking too many breaks going up,
And he quits telling me he doesn’t want to be in any more photos
And I quit asking him to hike back to me so I can get just ONE MORE shot,
Maybe we’ll make it.

We’ve fully examined ultralight tents, backpacks, emergency locators and boots, and on all major adventures and trails we agree,
Yet somehow we manage to not miss a fight,
He tells me a rattler is unlikely to bite,
I tell him I can’t sleep with his snoring at night,

If I quit dismantling the tent while he’s inside packing,
And he quits leaving before we’re both packed,
And I quit implying I could navigate the trail better,
And he quits implying he wishes I would,
And we avoid discussions like was all that Purell and home-made granola really necessary for 5 months on the PCT,
Maybe we’ll make it.

3 thoughts on “Maybe We’ll Make It

  1. Ahh, the joys of being a couple. Every once in awhile I miss fighting over stupid stuff.Enjoy your bouts and the making up after. I think I have a Judith Viorst book here that I started but haven’t finished. Thanks for sharing and stay safe.

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  2. I’m not surprised you know that part also! Add in driving on the “wrong side” as you two are in New Zealand, and it could make for some “interesting” car talk!


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